Wilmar, MN is a great town. Centrally located in Minnesota, the Willmar offers something great.  It boats over 360 lakes, a thriving arts scene, historical attractions, exceptional schools, a growing job market, easy access to the Twin Cities, affordable housing and friendly communities.  It is a great place to work, live, and play.

Willmar is the home to Jenny-O as well as numerous businesses in healthcare, biotech, engineering, retail, and commerce.  It is the home of Ridgewater College, which is known for its excellence in agricultural education.

Willmar is now the home of the The West Central Angel Fund I, microventure fund formed in partnership with RAIN Source Capital. The Fund and its Members will be affiliated with a national consortium of like-minded angel investors via its collaboration with the Angel Capital Group (ACG).

The Fund intends to invest primarily in small businesses.  It intends to develop diverse investments opportunities with a focus on early to mid-stage high-technology businesses in the fields of agriculture and renewable energy.  Notwithstanding its stated focus, the Fund will not be restricted from investing in any business that the Members deem suitable.  The Fund will invest with a priority in Minnesota.  To be considered for investment, businesses will need to demonstrate the potential for sustainable and profitable growth as well as the ability to provide a fair return to The Fund and its Members.  The Fund will not invest in publicly traded companies or in companies that are directly involved in or associated with activities considered unethical or immoral by its Members.

If you want more information on the Fund or its activities, please contact Steve Mercil.

If you wish to apply for funding, please apply through the West Central Angel Fund Application or through the ACG Application for Funding.