Chapter Locations

Tech and talent are ubiquitous; capital is not.  That is why we work almost almost exclusively in the “Heartland.” — Eric Dobson, CEO

We employ a geographically diverse deal flow, funding, and membership strategy because great ideas emerge each and every day across the Heartland. We use our national brand presence to bring the best and brightest ideas to our  members. Additionally, our multiple chapters allow us to unite more Angel investors, fund more deals, and pool due diligence, legal, and accounting expenses more efficiently than would be possible as a single location Angel network.

If you’re interested in connecting with our Chapter Presidents in one of our current locations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

“In an age when angels and angel syndicates are playing a more important role in the startup community’s investment strategy, ACG’s process is one that is welcomed for any serious entrepreneur: organized, predictable, timely, and honest. Their due diligence system is precise, intelligent, and relevant. The ‘road show’ then becomes a more-valuable process than is typical for angel syndicate organizations: the due diligence has been completed and so the angel audience knows they are viewing a vetted, ‘curated’ company where many basic questions have already been answered. I highly recommend ACG for any serious entrepreneur and angel investor” – Lauren Costantini, Portfolio Founding CEO


Angel Capital Group is adding new locations.  If you are interested in Angel investing and would like to start an Angel group in your area, you can leverage our history, structure, and team to get up and running fast.  We have the infrastructure, experience, and expertise to help you learn the hard lessons the easy way and let you do the fun stuff – find great teams with great ideas and turn them into great companies that impact your community.

The investment model is most effective when a committed group of local investors provide a foundation of leadership and guidance for each chapter location. Founders share our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and start-up growth, anchoring our local networks with years of personal experience and insights.

The way our network works is a group or fund within our alliance must agree to “lead” the investment.  So, we use your local entrepreneurs’ supplied information to build a consensus around the network.  The leading group or fund can advance their company to pitch to the entire syndicate on a private, broadcasted meeting on a monthly basis.  The deal call is made, commitments from around the network are collected, a single purpose LLC is formed to hold the investment, and a wire is issued.  Once we have decided to invest as a network, which typically takes 90 days or less, we seek external partners with the company to fill out their round.  This gives us a unique opportunity work with multiple investors, funds, and groups across a wide region to create economic resiliency for our member communities.

If this sounds like something you want for your community, please contact me, Eric Dobson.