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When people misstate our name, they almost always say “American Capital Group.” I take that as a complement! Entrepreneurs and Angels are the seed and soil of our economy. The investment is the sunlight that creates the mighty tree.

Startup business are the job creation engine of our domestic economy. This is not anecdotal. The US Bureau of Labor release statistics showing that all net job growth in our economy since 1980 has been in small companies. This is where the rubber meets the roads. But, it is only through great sacrifice and against great odds that entrepreneurs succeed and angels benefit.

We all want to “give back” and to build great companies in our cities and backyards. This is how our economy will continue its recovery and we will once again begin to create real value. To a certain extent, angel investing is a patriotic activity! If entrepreneurs and angels don’t engage to share risk, our domestic economy would collapse.

I don’t pretend that investing in startups is equivalent to fighting for our country, but I do contend that inside every entrepreneur and investor is an optimist and a patriotic person looking to change the world for the better.

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