Angel Capital Group Invests in Matchpoint Careers’ Next-Generation Pyschometric Recruiting Technology

September 25th, 2012 by Josh Roberts

September 25, 2012– Investors in Kansas City-based Angel Capital Group, a national Angel investors’ network with over 80 members in five chapter locations, recently closed a round of funding with Matchpoint Careers, a next-generation psychometric testing and evaluation platform that allows employers to identify optimal candidates based on temperamental and environmental factors in addition to standard qualifications. According to CEO Paul Basile, Matchpoint will be using the capital from this latest round of funding to complete and launch their next-generation platform as well as an online career guidance solution.

Headquartered in New York City, Matchpoint Careers is the solution to a recurring problem Basile experienced during a long career in outplacement, human resources, and computer science. While technology-based dating sites like eHarmony, and others were successfully helping clients find ideal matches in a sea of candidates, there was not a similar solution for HR personnel, who are frequently overwhelmed with qualified job applicants. Utilizing a robust database of psychometric tests, as well as customized analytics based on the particular environmental and cultural aspects for each employer, Basile created a platform designed, as he puts it, “to be for the human resources industry”.

Asked what excited Angel Capital Group members most about Matchpoint Careers, CEO Rachael Qualls said, “Most of our members became wealthy as entrepreneurs. They built businesses from the ground up, and many of them had felt both the pain of hiring someone who is a poor fit in the office, and the positivity that finding someone great can bring. A technology platform that promises to make that process easier and less painful was very compelling to our members.”

Basile was equally pleased with the funding relationship, stating, “Two things stood out to me about Angel Capital Group: one, the due diligence process is extremely thorough, which means they really took time to understand what is groundbreaking about our business. Two, I was able to meet and converse directly with the investors, which I think adds confidence on both sides of the table.”

About Angel Capital Group

Angel Capital Group is a full-service Angel investors’ organization dedicated to sourcing and screening investment opportunities, organizing the due diligence and pitch processes, and arranging the legal and accounting services associated with early stage investments. By leveraging the collective wisdom of its more than 80 Angel members and sourcing investing opportunities on a national level from every industry, Angel Capital Group promotes a portfolio model based on diversification and performance.

Founded in 2007, Angel Capital Group now has 5 chapter locations in Kansas City, Kansas; Nashville, Tennessee; Knoxville, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and Naples, Florida. The group’s current portfolio includes 16 companies in healthcare, mobile, social media/technology, medical devices, and more.


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