“More than any other category of investors, Angels seek upside potential through funding meaningful, substantial improvements for society.” —  Nashville Chapter Member

In 2013, accredited angel investors directly invested $24.8 billion into nearly 71,000 early-stage companies, according to estimates by the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire. That’s more than all other venture capital firms combined were able to deploy in early and seed stage deals during the same year.

That’s jobs. Life-changing (and life-saving) technologies. More sustainable products. Wealth creation for a new generation of spirited Americans. All this at a time when the national focus was on American decline, outsourced and obsolete jobs, and failed politics.

In short, Angels are the true front line of innovation in America. Though many Angels enjoy the 20+% returns offered by early and seed stage deals, the motivations run much deeper. Love of community, love of entrepreneurialism, and a passion for growth are all part of the appeal. And while Angel stereotypes cast an image of some genius “Master of the Universe” living in Silicon Valley, the fact is that Angel investors operate in nearly every city across America.

Angel investing isn’t about shooting for the moon. It’s about playing the numbers and working the odds. Angel Capital Group was founded to create an environment where Angels could experience all the thrills of funding their own futures, and make money doing it. To learn more, keep reading or just get in touch. Our monthly chapter meetings are the best way to experience what true Angel investing is all about.

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Discover why Angel investments need to be in your portfolio.

Ignoring early stage opportunities doesn’t just limit your upside potential; it puts your wealth in the collective hands of public sentiment. We provide a simple, cost-effective path to true diversification.

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When you’re funded through Angel Capital Group, there’s more than just money on the table: our team and Angel members offer insights, experience, and professional networks to entrepreneurs who are serious about growth.

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